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August 4, 2011
Red Sea Egypt
August 4, 2011


Fishing In Lake Nasser

Location: Lake Nasser is an artificial lake or reservoir. It is found behind the Aswan Dam in Egypt. Some of the lake extends into Sudan

  • Lake Nasser is a reservoir.
  • Lake Nasser was created in 1971 when the land behind the Aswan High Dam flooded.
  • Lake Nasser was named after the President of Egypt who decided to build the Aswan High Dam. His name was Gamal Abdul Nasser.
  • Lake Nasser is 310 miles in length. It is the largest artificial lake in the world.
  • 10 000 people had to move home because they lived on the land where Lake Nasser now is..
  • The Abu Simbel Temples had to be moved because they once stood where Lake Nasser is.
  • Some of the water from Lake Nasser (about 15%) is lost every year by evaporation.

Uses of Lake Nasser

  • Water is pumped from Lake Nasser to people’s homes so that they can use it for drinking, washing and cooking.
  • Farmers use water from Lake Nasser to irrigate (water) their crops.
  • Abraam Tours offer cruises of Lake Nasser. The cruises take in all the sights along the banks of the reservoir.
  • Lake Nasser is not used for water sports because it is used mainly for drinking water. There are no facilities available by the banks of Lake Nasser for watersports.

Fishing in Lake Nasser

How we fish , what you need ?

you will catch most of your big Nile perch while trolling
You need 30 to 40 ibs equipment with nylon with 80\100 ibs trace, 80ibs swivels and the following lures; Depth raiders sinking and floating fr . yellow, silver. Super shad rop 14 (rapala), orange, ft ;perch. Magnums 18 (Rapala) , ft orange Ernie (musky mania tackles ) ,ft,orange Mann’s 25+(not30+),ft. Sorcerer 15cm (halco), orange.
Each lure should get strong owner or GAMAKATSU triple hooks

Shore fishing

It requires more skill than trolling ,and will often produce more fish. It can also be awesomely exciting .if you decide to give shore fishing a good try then you will catch big fish most shore fishing takes place near camp in the cool qf the morning and during the break for lunch: however if we hit a group of fish while trolling, we’ll often stop and short fish. There is no doubt that huge fish can be caught short fishing ;

Fishing In Hurghada


Cruise the Red Sea for an exiting fishing trip and enjoy the nature and beauty of the coral reefs and the small islands that has made Hurghada one of the most famous spots for fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving.


– Pick up service from your hotel and return
– Boat set and fees
– Full fishing equipment
– Guide & fisherman assistance
– Lunch aboard the fishing cruise with mineral water and soft drinks

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