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Health and well Being
Socrates himself was singing the praises of Egypt’s healing therapies and spas some thousands of years ago. While Aswan was renowned for its rheumatic remedies, ancient tourists swarmed to Safaga to cure certain skin diseases such as psoriasis.
Whether you want to bathe in sand or salt-rich seas, soak yourself in hot springs or wrap yourself in curative clay, Egypt has centuries of experience in catering for its therapy keen tourists.

Where to go for therapy :

Aswan: Good for traditional Nubian therapies and environmental therapies including sand bathing and massages.

New Valley: With an abundance of bubbling hot springs, the hot water wells of the New Valley are naturally heated between 35-45 degrees all year round. You can also opt for sand bathing or sample various traditional medicinal herbs.

Red Sea: The whole Red Sea coast including Marsa Alam and Safaga offers a practically perfect climate for healing in rich mineral waters, with up to 35% more salt than the average sea.

Oyoun Mossa and Hammam Pharaon: As well as having the most sulphuric waters in the world, both Oyoun Mossa and Hammam Pharaon boast a warm, dry climate that’s perfect for recuperating. Their success rate for curing all kinds of aches and pains is astonishingly high.

Other noteworthy sites: The Siwa Oasis, Hamamat Cleopatra, Gabal Takrour, Helwan, Hurghada and Fayoum Oasis are also famous for their climatic therapies.

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